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Representing Rainbows curated by Lisa Corinne Davis


2017/18 Season Opens at LABspace with a Very Large Show of Very Tiny Works by Area Artists


Taconic North, an invitational exhibition of small works from regional artists, curated by Susan Jennings and Julie Torres opens at LABspace on Saturday April 15th and runs through Sunday June 11th. This very large show of very small works is being organized in the same spirit as LABspace, a nexus of creative community and expression. The curators have connected around their shared love of tiny artworks, and packed shows of local artists that help to expand and strengthen connections.Taconic North is a celebration of area artists and creative community.

The show opens with a reception for the artists on Saturday, April 15 from 5-7:30. There will be several events during the show including music performances, readings, talks, brainstorming/creative sessions and cocktail gatherings. Please watch for announcements of these events.


Participating Artists Include:


Peter Acheson, Yura Adams, Julia Whitney Barnes, Maureen Beitler, Nicole Cherubini, Leona Christie, Marieken Cochius, Carl D’Alvia, Lisa Corinne Davis, Carol Diehl, Bugzdale, Peter Dudek, Daniella Dooling, Diane Dwyer, Susan English, Julie Evans, Sarah Falkner, Lacey Fekishazy, Tara Fracalossi, Chris Freeman, Matt Frieburghaus, Lorrie Fredette, Chris Freeman, Danny Goodwin, Elliott Green, Amy Griffin, Sean Hemmerle, Thomas Huber,  Gabriel Hurier, Will Hutnick, Kylie Heidenheimer, Brece Honeycutt, Erick Johnson, Laura Kaufman, Phil Knoll, Thomas Lail, Paula Lalala, Madison LaVallee, Ellen Letcher, Meg Lipke, Cotter Luppi, Joel Longenecker, Maggie Mailer, Jason Martin Power Animal System, Susan Meyer, Ieva Medodia, Jason Middlebrook, Laura Moriarty, Sue Muscat, Petra Nimtz, Kathy Osborn, Ruby Palmer, Elisa Pritzker, Patrick Purcell, Michael Rodriguez, Mandolyn Wilson Rosen, Alexander Ross, Peter Rudolph, Mark Safan, Jackie Saccoccio, Katia Santibanez, Sam Scoggins, Susan Scott, Michelle Segre, Claire Sherwood, Corinna Schaming, Polly Schindler, Dee Shapiro, Gregory Slick, Cary Smith, George Spencer, Michael St. John, Jeff Starr, Linda Stillman, Amy Talluto, Susie Tarnowicz, Christina Tenaglia, Claudia Tienan,  Michael Tong, Katharine Umstead, Oliver Wasow, Guy Walker, Eleanor White, Ann Wolf, Eric Wolf, Geoffrey Young, Deborah Zlotsky

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Representing Rainbows curated by Lisa Corinne Davis


GP Presents is pleased to announce Representing Rainbows, a group show curated by the painter, Lisa Corinne Davis. Artists include David Humphrey, Deborah Kass, Elena Sisto, Elliott Green, Jeremy Willis, Joanne Greenbaum, Jon Kessler & Mika Rottenberg, Jonathan Tracy,Judy Simonian, Julie Heffernan, Katherine Bradford, Leslie Wayne, Lisa Hoke, Lisa Sanditz, Olivia Booth, Robin Tewes, Tim Davis, Todd Knopke and others.

Venerated as godly, dreaded as demonic, and ground zero for optical theories, the rainbow's image is woven into the fabric of our past and present. The pleasure of its color, regularity, and geometric form lasts only briefly. This precious transience is a decisive dimension of the experience of beauty.  

The rainbow is not an object but an image; it is a phenomenon of light rather than matter. It has no particular position in space, unless that position is infinity. And how do you represent infinity? The rainbow’s image is affected by time, distorting location. Nothing is fixed; all is fluid and subjective.  

At the core of the desire to represent a rainbow is wonder. Something between sensation and thought, between aesthetics and science, wonder is the boundary between the obvious, the ordinary, and the everyday, on the one hand, and the unknowable, the inexpressible, the unformulated on the other.  

For the artists in this show, the desire to depict a rainbow begins with their acceptance of a path of sensuality. Here they can create a moment of not fixing a work of art, but rather of trying to get acquainted with it, having it reveal itself as a singular poetic experience.  Throwing themselves into the experiential world, willfully ignoring systematic knowledge, these artists are embracing how wonder can occupy a phase of the alert mind.  Their representation of rainbows encapsulates the essence of aesthetic experience and the artistic journey.

Earlier Event: February 25
Lisa Corinne Davis and Maureen Hoon
Later Event: September 19