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Lisa Corinne Davis and Maureen Hoon


Lisa Corinne Davis and Maureen Hoon

Alternative Dimension: Lisa Corinne Davis, Maureen Hoon

Curated by Michelle Loh

We construct our imagination and identity, to a great extent, based on recorded images and predefined concepts, and we receive labels and fictions that allow us to make quotidian sense of the world. Art can call our received labels and fictions into question and provide an opening where we can access our imagination and identify anew.  Coming from different generations, raised in different, hemispheres, Lisa Corinne Davis and Maureen Hood create works that are different on the surface, yet both artists bend representations of the physical world to a similar purpose. Drawing references from the urban environment, their works allude to materiality, space, image, and affect, and provide access to new ways of seeing and understanding.

Project Art Space. 308 at 156 Fifth Avenue

This new inter-disciplinary creative project space is located in the Presbyterian Building, a French Gothic
chateaux-inspired building on lower Fifth Avenue. In this architectural jewel with its diverse history, the organization is programming events and exhibitions in which young artists and seasoned curators have the chance to meet, engage and promote new collaborative projects. 

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Gallery is located at 156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 308 NY